Fire Damage Restoration

Fires can do more than compromise the structural integrity of your building. They interrupt critical systems, like HVAC or electrical, and can release harmful materials like asbestos.

We respond by: mitigating damage to ensure site safety.

Although its fire’s worst enemy, water damage, triggered as a result of fires, is not what most homeowners expect. Whether it is the damage caused by water from fire hoses and extinguishers or that from bursting and leaking faucets and pipes; there is often significant water damage that needs to be addressed immediately.

Water used in fire suppression can create an entirely new set of challenges.

Excessive moisture can rust pipes, rot drywall, or compromise a building’s structural integrity.

Our primary objective is to return your house or business premises to their pre-fire state following fire damage. We are a top fire damage restoration firm focusing on smoking damage cleaning, smoke odour removal, and fire damage repair. Walls, rugs, and furniture will receive a thorough cleaning and soot removal from our specialists.

We respond by:


Providing drying & dehumidification services


Offering content restoration services


Reconstruction water-damaged areas



Let’s examine fire damage repair in more detail and how APL Restoration can support you with the cleaning and restoration procedure.

Fire Damage Repair Services By APL Restoration

APL Restoration provides numerous beneficial fire damage restoration services to locals that will repair the structural stability of your house. We offer the following services for removing fire damage from your property:

Practical Fire Damage Restoration

Fire Damage Restoration - Smoke Restoration Vancouver

Finding a professional fire damage remediation firm that is available 24/7 is essential in the event of a disaster. APL Restoration offers 24-hour emergency assistance, including blocking and stabilizing your home. For you to truly comprehend what to anticipate from our water damage restoration in Vancouver, we communicate freely and provide prompt, thorough examinations of the debris.

Infrastructure Stabilisation & Drywall Repair

Our fire damage restoration firm uses environmentally safe procedures to eliminate smells, disinfect the space, and purify the air. Emergency restoration company will take the utmost care to ensure that your belongings are safeguarded while we work. APL Restoration fire damage restoration services will remove any smoke and residue left behind, allowing you to resume your regular activities.

Program For Sanitation & Rebuilding

We have the equipment to sweep up any water that may have accumulated in your home as a result of fire suppression efforts. Our experts have you covered for anything from drying systems to air blowers and moisture extractors. The final but most crucial step in water damage restoration in Vancouver is reconstruction, which we handle with accuracy.

Commercial Fire Damage Recovery

Fire Damage Restoration - Smoke Restoration VancouverNo matter the size or nature of your company, a fire has a disastrous impact on your premises. Your company and how your business operates can be affected even if only a tiny portion is harmed. You require a qualified, knowledgeable, ready-to-take-on-the-job commercial fire damage repair firm such as APL Restoration. 

They use upgraded fire damage and smoke harm recovery methods and techniques to minimize the financial implications of burning by quickly acquiring your commercial infrastructure back up and running. They have decades of knowledge of reopening companies after fire/smoke destruction.

Residential Fire Damage Recovery 

Feeling stressed and unsure about who to seek assistance from following a terrible disaster like a fire in your home is normal. Since helping hundreds of clients return from calamities and rebuild their fire-damaged residences into homes, APL Restoration is familiar with that sensation. 

When you require us the most, we’re here with highly skilled, dependable, experienced specialists, top-notch work, and exceptional customer service. As we concentrate on the process of recovery, our domestic fire damage restoration services involve handling you, your family, and your properties with the dignity and consideration you need.

To get our services like drywall repair, flooring installation, and water damage restoration in Vancouver, contact APL Restoration for world-class fire damage restoration.  Let’s Get Started!