You need to take many steps after a fire, including dealing with damage. In addition to flames and smoke, the water used to stop the fire from spreading will also damage your home, but the right restoration company will be able to fix your property through the following steps:


1. Assessing the Severity of the Damage

Assessing the severity of the damage. A restoration professional will examine the scene to evaluate the degree of damage and pay attention to every detail, big and small. All damage will have to be discovered before a plan is created because restoration work has to be completed in a specific order, so a thorough inspection will have to be done to ensure the restoration work is completed correctly. Flooring, for example, can sometimes seem fine but may be warped due to water damage, or fire may have weakened underlying support beams. The only way to determine this kind of damage is by assessing every aspect. 


2. Isolating Unsafe Areas

Water and fire damage will often weaken structures and their foundations, but the right team will strengthen or block off all hazardous areas and make sure the exposed parts of your home are protected from further damage the elements can cause. 


3. Removing Water and Drying the Area

If water remains in your home, it must be removed right away; otherwise, your home will experience more damage. Reputable technicians will get all the water out and start the drying process immediately.


4. Removing Smoke and Soot Residue

Specialized equipment will clean soot from ceilings, walls, floors and other structure surfaces. Air-scrubbing technology will help remove the odour of smoke that is inevitable after a fire, and special equipment will be used on any salvageable items.


5. Sanitizing and Cleaning

All unsalvageable materials will be hauled away, and special attention will be paid to cleaning and sanitizing your property. This step aims to prepare the home for full-on restoration work, which can only begin once the property is fully cleaned.


6. Working on Fire Damage Restoration

The last step is the damage reversal process, and the right team will possess various skills in terms of repairs and restorations. They will specialize in drywall replacement, painting and carpet removal and installation and will help with your remodelling project. 


Fire Damage Restoration

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