Experiencing a fire in your home is both dangerous and devastating, and your property will need time to recover, as will you and your family. Safety is the most vital in these situations. Once you know everyone is safe, you can assess the damage’s severity in your home. Every case is different, and some people will need fire damage restoration services while other homeowners may need to look into renovations. This will depend on the extent of the damage, and this guide will help you decide which option is best for your home. 

What is a Restoration?

This refers to a project that restores a home or building to its original state and can be done after fire damage. It may include replacing carpets, doors and windows, repairing holes in the walls, replacing the flooring, replacing damaged lights and plumbing fixtures and replacing the hinges and locks. Less labour and materials are required for restorations compared to a renovation, and this is only possible if the house or building has a solid foundation and only needs minor updates. 

Restoration projects are ideal when you want to make your home look like it used to, but it’s not always possible to restore every part of a home, and if the damage is severe, you may need to undergo a renovation project. 

What is a Renovation?

This project will completely refresh and renew a room with updates and replacements. Installing new floors, removing rotted wood, painting and switching out items like cabinets are all examples of renovations. This process will not change the room’s intended purpose; a kitchen will remain a kitchen, and a bedroom will remain a bedroom even with the completed repairs and updates. A room can feel brand new after a renovation project but will retain its function. 

Which Option is Best?

There is some overlap between renovations and restorations, and you may need to do both after fire damage. You can restore your home to its original condition with replicas or original materials, and you can also make updates to refresh the room without changing its purpose. 

Restoration projects aim to replace the original hardware and flooring, whereas a renovation would allow you to make cosmetic updates, and you can upgrade all of your appliances and fixtures during the process. A restoration will enable you to enhance your home’s value while increasing sentimental value and prolonging the lifespan of your home. In contrast, a renovation would allow you to personalize your space and improve the function of a room while adding value to your home. 


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