Strategies for Salvaging and Renewing Your Home or Business

Fire damage restoration services can help you get your house back to its original state after a devastating situation, and it is highly recommended that you contact an emergency restoration company because they will apply professional strategies to salvage and renew your home. 

Safety is paramount once a fire breaks out, and only after you confirm everyone is safe can you move on to the restoration process. Even small fires can cause considerable damage, and a fire only takes thirty seconds to spread. When you have the okay to re-enter your home after a fire, you must check for the following:

Structural Damage

Look at things like sagging ceilings or floors, broken gas lines, damaged support beams and cracks in the foundation. You may need to call a contractor to ensure your home is not structurally compromised. 

Electric And Plumbing

Check your home’s systems, and if you think the water pipes have been damaged, do not use the toilets, sinks or shower until you contact a plumber. 

It is very natural to feel emotional and stressed after you experience a fire, and it will take time to process this incident. You may even feel angry and anxious, which is entirely normal. Contacting a fire restoration company can help you get through this process because they will assess your home and will tell you how much of the damage can be repaired through the fire restoration process. 

Restoration Services

Issues may include blistered paint, melted plastic, charred wood, softened window glass, dehydrated drywall and more, and an inspector can tell you the extent of the damage and what needs to be repaired. They will tell you how long the restoration process will take after completing their initial inspection and will tell you when and if you can continue to live in the home. They will remove soot and ash which may be on the walls and will confirm the quality of air inside the house. 

Emergency restoration companies focus on water damage cleanup, including wall and floor repairs, mould remediation and professional dehumidification. Soot removal will start after the water is cleaned up, and the cleaning method will depend on what types of materials are burned. Smoke damage restoration will occur after addressing water damage, chemical cleanup, and soot removal. Once all these steps have been completed, you must focus on the items you can salvage and which items must be thrown away. Food must be thrown away, as should any open containers in your cupboards or pantry. If clothing, bedding or other textiles have been burnt or charred, discard them, always err on the side of caution, and throw items away if you’re unsure about keeping or throwing them away. 

Emergency Restoration in Vancouver

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