Drywall is durable and cost-effective, which is why it is one of the most commonly used construction materials for homes. Drywall can experience damage over time as a result of wear, and this guide will tell you about the types of drywall damage and what you can do to help keep your walls looking flawless:

  • Furniture marks. 

Furniture can leave scuffs and marks, which can eventually become cracks and holes. These markings are very easy to eliminate, however, and a damp sponge might do the trick. Rub the marks gently to see if they disappear, and if they are still noticeable, try applying a fresh coat of paint to cover up stubborn scuffs. 

Always leave some space between your furniture and walls to prevent it from directly pressing onto your drywall. 

  • Holes. 

This is a common form of drywall damage, and these holes will be visible, which is why you need a solution. Smaller holes can be filled in and sanded over, after which you will have to repaint your walls. This process will help your walls look as good as new!

Larger holes in your drywall will need professional care as homeowners may not have the tools or experience to repair very large holes. Skill is required in these situations, and a professional drywall restoration company can eliminate this problem.

  • Cracks.

Even the smallest crack can become a serious problem which is why all drywall cracks must be addressed. Cracks can grow and cause more problems down the line, which is why issues must be resolved immediately. 

The first step is to determine the cause of the crack in your drywall, which can include seasonal changes, temperature changes or humidity. Once you have this information, you must then assess the severity of the crack and if it will continue growing. You can then use a joint compound to fix the crack, or you can contact a professional drywall repair specialist if you require extensive repairs. 

  • Water damage. 

This is a serious problem that must be addressed right away. If your drywall is soft to the touch and you notice discoloration, it means water damage has occurred, and this must be looked at immediately. If the damage has spread across several panels, you will likely require a drywall specialist to restore your walls, but if the water damage is contained and minimal, you might be able to repair whatever has caused the damage and then replace just the section of the wall that has been damaged. 

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